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Introduction; illustrating the points


On June 10th this year, I came accross an astounding theory - the theory of the start of Armageddon July 10th to Dec 10th 2005 (Dec 10th being the actual Day of Armeggedon.

The theory of Seven Fives (555 5 555) is here: http:

However, I've been studying many media events in the past few years, and have like many people put together a correlation between "accidental" events to noticing a pattern of numbers associated with each one.

In this blog, I will attempt to put forth enough evidence to show that the Ancient and often Occult art of Numerology is used by officials and Goverments to signal, warn or broadcast the intent or non-intent of events.

Numerology is litterally the Latin equivelant of the 'Study of Numbers'
- Numer = Number or Numerous
- Ology = The study of

( P ) Pronunciation Key (nm-rl-j, ny-)n.
The study of the occult meanings of numbers and their supposed influence on human life.
[Latin numerus, number; see number + -logy.])

I will highlight TWO Very significant events;

(NOTE: I am not stating or pointing fingers at any one goverment or any official goverment in this blog I'm establishing communications are established in the use of numbers and dates planned around certain prominent dates)

1. The recent events at September 11th 2001 'The notorious 9/11 Twin Towers events'
2. The London Train bombings on July 7th 2005 'AKA 7/7 or 7/7/7 (2005 = 2+5 =7)'

These two events when examined are Startling (

) when viewed against the ancient book, the bible.

To make another point, before I get too deep into this. The bible is a many purposed and complex book. It's based on a CODEX system (pages) and is arranged in chapter and verse by NUMBERS.

To illustrate the point, there of course is a book in the Bible called Numbers. If you still are unsure about including the bible into a 'Blog' on Numerology, check this - Deuteronomy is the Fifth Book of the bible (Deut meaning TEN)

OK with Deuteronomy in mind, look at the FIFTH Chapter and the FIFTH Verse then the FIFTH word. You will see (if you are pestered enough by Jehovah's Witnesses) the Name JEHOVAH, in other bibles the 5&6th words are 'The Lord'.

To start with I'd like everyone to agree that hypothetically a super being or higher intelligence created or uses numbers and the combinations thereof (Math) to set time and events in motion. Even to order the universe and to communicate. (I totally believe in God, so this might not be a non partial 'Blog' but hey it's my blog, I gotta start somewhere!).

Significance of Numbers used in Numerology

Numbers used in every life, stem from the joining of two 1's together to form further significant meanings for events in our calender lives and in history, financial exchanges and the list goes on. We use numbers every day to communicate all kinds of things.

The numbers 3 and 5 and 7 in the bible are used to great significance. In the Bible the amount of times somthing is emphasised, is an indication to the degree of the message. The numbers 9 and 11 in Chapter and verse for mat i.e. 9:11 and 7:9-11 etc, are sighted in remarkable sections of prophecy. Anyone reading my blog here will find astounding numerical coincidences with the last few weeks alone:

For instance in Revelation we are told that to 'use our intelligence' and workout that 666 is a mans number. The number six is derived from adding just two 1's. Two humans are Two 1's, the basis of humans without God is the Number two, man woman, and no God (if you would differ on that, blog me back)

Now the number 1 is without doubt the basis of all numbers, but alone it cannot do much. adding two to it, suddently makes THREE. Three is the basis for Marriage, as it's said in the Bible that when love is included that the marriage will work. Psalms tells us that, God is a God of love, so including God in a Marriage, would make the Marriage of THREE persons, where OK the person in the Middle is an Ethereal Super being, but still he is in the middle of the marriage bonding it together.

The number three is also said to be the Word of God or Gods Voice. Because the Spirit of Peace and Prince of Peace Intermediates between God and Man he therefore is in the middle. Also known to be the Balance.

OK Theology study nearly over, the bibles groupings of numbers in Chapters and Verses gives us a huge clue as to the significance of Various numbers. The numbers 7 are very significant in the bible, it specifically shows, perfection and ultimate heavenly fullfillment of events. Revelation 7:1-5 For instance (coincidental to this Bizzare weather year?)

the Emphasis of a number set to a 3rd Degree is shown to Absolutely emphasise the ultimate ultimate judgment. The grouping of the 6's in the 666 numbering, illustrates, 3 x 2, Three times. To check that 666 is bad, look at Isiah 66:6.

For FreeMasons to covertly use numerology in their titles and in many of their practices, shows allegance to number patterns and opening the door for this blog to further put togther patterns of Media and world events orchestrated using Numbers to communicate messages.

Numbers and the Human Body

The Number 555 in Occult numerology signifies the 'Ultimate death'. It would come as no surprise to find that FIVE resembles an ultimate death taking the Bible Deut 5:5,fifthword into context.

The number Five is akin to each human on this planet, we each have five fingers, five toes, five senses, five openings on the front of our face, two on each side. Our Torsoes have five appendages (two legs, two arms, one head).

Five days are recognised by most as Week days, while the Weekend is two days, 5+2=7. Our normal years are broken into 365 days, even our 5 minute time segments in the hour, to 12:59 in the hours and seconds.

Five is in the core of Every Human being. The comet Temple One, carreens around an orbit between Mars and Earth every 5.5 years. To further make the point, Halleys Comet's orbit is once every 75 years. The list of fives in the planet and our Universe are outstanding.

Without labouring the point too much, as all reading this can establish the amount of multiples of Five, laying coincidently scattered around our lives.

Numbers and Goverments

If you took a trip to the Washington Memorial, you might be non plussed to find out that the hight of that large pinnacle is 555 Feet high.

And of Course the PENT(Meaning Five) AGON(meaning sided) = Pentagon

The Goverment of the USA has some glaring numerology, their are several examples, I'll skim the surface on again. The Pentagon is a Five Sided building, FreeMasons use Numerology in many ways.

It begins in the FreeMason lodge, Where Five Supreme leaders of the Numer 0 Lodge will sit at the head of a meeting, the Supreme overseer of the FreeMasons (the 30th Degree Member, in all lodges but in the Master Supreme (I'm making up the names, if any FreeMason would like to point out the real names, I'd be obliged) lodge, the hihest rank is the 33rd Degree.

All the presidents of the USA have been 33degree, members of the Masons, EXCEPT, President Lincoln and President Kenedy.

FreeMasons have the symbol of TWO Crossed Right angles

Ah but after a little play with MSPaint, you render this:

Not intended to confuse, but to illustrate the example of six Points, similar to the Israeli flag and the Pentacle of the occult or otherwise known as the Star of Solomon

To be continued... -


Blogger Aaron from Tejas said...


first of all, that is some amazing analyzation.. and a very profound statement. im having a very hard time disbelieving your reasoning... which is uncommon for me. your theories are very well founded. anyways, ive also been reading your posts on Mr. Hoagie's site... very compelling thoughts, all of which makes perfect sense to me. tell me though... if the U.N. headquarters really does have a chamber used to perform masonic rituals, meetings, etc.. and it certainly doesnt look like anything else... why hasnt this been disputed or condemned by anyone with this knowledge.. i dont really expect you to have an answer to this.. just throwing it out...
keep up the good work.. and DONT LET THE MAN GET YOU DOWN.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Xendor said...

I'd like to leave just one comment: 666, the number of man, is quite simply 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons... the carbon atom. In the argument for intelligent design, the Second Law of Thermodynamics uses a 32-decimal place variable to show how precise the evolution of the Universe was to produce the carbon atom. Hmmm...

2:15 PM  
Blogger Andrey said...

Thanks very much for interested information!
This is some more info about president numerology

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