Sunday, November 19, 2006

Masonic Emblems 33


See any that you recognise?

333 foot

Just a mile from the Potomac River, in Alexandria, Virginia and overlooking the nation's capitol, stands the 333 ft. George Washington Masonic National Memorial on historic Shooters Hill.

Dedicated to the memory of George Washington-Patriot, President, Mason - the Memorial was dedicated on May 12, l932, as an expression of the Masonic fraternity's faith in the principles of civil and religious liberty and orderly government. George Washington’s Masonic Life A Chronology
The George Washington Masonic National Memorial was constructed entirely with voluntary contributions from members of the Masonic Fraternity. The Memorial Association is the only unified effort of all of the Grand Lodges in the United States. The construction of this beautiful, awe-inspiring Memorial was the single most important 20th century successful endeavor by the entire Masonic fraternity. Each Grand Lodge is a sovereign body in its own territorial jurisdiction but the love and reverence for George Washington by the Masons in this country is amply demonstrated by the collective effort of all of the jurisdictions to keep this Memorial to Washington, the Mason, a living reality.

333 a foundation for building our spiritual temple of the inner self.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is an obelisk-shaped building in Washington, D.C. that was built to honor the first President of the United States of America, George Washington. This 555-foot-tall obelisk is the tallest building in the District of Columbia - by law, no other building in D.C. is allowed to be taller.
Pierre Charles L'Enfant (the architect who designed Washington, D.C.) planned in 1783 to have a prominent statue honoring George Washington near the White House and Capitol. But exactly how to honor the first President of the USA was not an easy decision, and in 1833, the Washington National Monument Society was formed with the purpose of deciding upon an appropriate memorial. This group had a design competition, and in 1836, the architect Robert Mills' obelisk design won the contest.

Work on the stone monument to George Washington did not begin until July 4, 1848 (because of a lack of funds). Work on the monument was stopped in 1854 (when the monument was only 152 feet tall), after donations dropped off. The project was almost abandoned, but work finally began again in 1876 (you can see the slight difference in color of the marble on the bottom third and the upper two-thirds of the monument). Also, the Army Corps of Engineers, who started working on the monument after the Civil War, determined that the foundation was not sufficient for the 600-foot-tall obelisk that was originally planned, so a 550-foot-monument was built.

The exterior of the Washington Monument was completed on December 6, 1884; it was opened to the public on October 9, 1888 (after the interior was completed). The giant obelisk contains 36,491 blocks and weighs 90,854 tons.
Inside the Washington Monument are an elevator and a 897-step stairway. There is an observation deck at 500 feet. At the top of the monument there is a nine-inch tall aluminum pyramid (when the monument was built, aluminum was newly-discovered, scarce, and very expensive). Lightning rods at the top protect the monument from lightning strikes.
Facts and Figures about the Washington Monument:
  • Height from ground to top 555 feet 5 1/8 inches = 169.29 meters
  • Width at base of monument 55 feet 1 1/2 inches = 16.80 meters
  • Thickness of monument walls at base 15 feet = 4.57 meters
  • Number of blocks in monument 36,491
  • Cornerstone laid July 4, 1848
  • Capstone set December 6, 1884
  • Officially opened to the public October 9, 1888
  • Cost of monument $1,187,710
  • Designed by Robert Mills
  • [ Reference; ]

    Numerology, an every-day communication and symbolic tool of power structures. 5555 is a coincidentally large number for the Bible also...

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    . 'En'-lightenment.
    Or Illumination, ask 'Q'uestions, seek REAL answers:
    Highest degree of any 3(free)-Masonary; Is the 33rd degree...
    I'll start by saying that most of the USA political leadership are Mason's as Washington is a masonic tribute and standing masonic shrine to the fraternity of free-masonary. George W Bush, current President of the USA, a skull-bones man, also is a 33rd degree Mason.
    NOTE: The UK's highest free-masonic degree is the Third (3rd).
    Since begining my quest into numerology, the depths of measurements and the syncronistic coordination of events leading up the start of my blogging to this point; I've discovered that at the heart of all of us, is a depth of Reality.
    How does a measured, numbered, universe; converse or communicate?
    Revelation 11:1-11 give's a clue;

    V1; And a reed like a rod was given me as he said: "Get up and measure the temple [sanctuary] of God and the altar and those worshiping in it.
    Measurements, facts, figures accurate angles of numerologically aligned truths.
    Time, each day of 23.4354 hours, and our 365 day years, bring us closer to an innevitable conclusion. Our 3 score years and 10, go by very quickly or not at all.
    Time is the ultimate measurable ever moving constant. The Sun rises in the AM and set's in the PM the earth rotates in a constant manner to fascilitate this process. Time is our friend and enemy all in the same word.
    Syncronisity and measured time are the keys to being in step with the Universal Schuman resonance at ~33.3hz... or there abouts. Is it any surprise that 23:59:59 (1 minute before midnight) equals 33, when each number is added to the next?
    • 2+3+5+9+5+9 = 33
    Living in step with the universal conciousness or God, means to be syncronistly in step with time, measurements, foundations of reality and true altruistic purpose. Often in the AM, awakening to 3:33 or 5:55. Syncronistly, receiving my 6th sense timely message from the very energy around.
    A true God can be measured, we are men and women of God, if we live by altruistic morality; based upon the original measurements given to us in fundamental physics by Ja-maker: God.

    If you wake, notice the clock is at 5:55 or 3:33 or 1:11, smile, you are beginning to become in sync with universal conciousness. It's communicating to you. Listen to your inner self, work in harmony with nature and REAL love around you. Your'self is the ultimate judge of you.

    Your own eyes can condem or appraise you. Guilt and shame can be cleansed and forgiven, if approaching each 23:59:59 hour day with the same refreshed earnest truth seeking zeal.

    Seek God in the measurements around you; notice that 33˚ F, is the perfect temperature to keep beers cold. ~33 feet below the sea, is the point at which water compresses and pressure becomes equal to the sky above again.

    33 is the key to many elemental measurements. King David ruled for 33 years and Alexander the Great conquered Babylon in 333BC. 33AD Jesus, an altruistic pillar of fundamental truth was given an advanced lesson in Carpentry and held aloft with 3 nails.

    30 pieces of silver for a life...

    ...what is our life really worth? Are we in sync with the oldest conciousness of time? Enlightened teachers of truth also;

    In our hearts hangs the love; it can be measured in Altruism, syncronosity, our words and deeds, our very waking thoughts. Keep in step with the God for we all are gods before God. We thus are gods to each other.

    Solomon constructed two pillars in the Temple to Jehovah. Ja'chin and Bo'az, masured standing, capitols of truth.

    Keep building one another up, seeking truth, honesty and integrity in our daily lives. Keeping in mind that we are working toward the true temple of one love at heart;

    The ILLuminati control by fear, but real men, work together in brotherhood and love; don't fear the Fnords!

    Because ultimately; the Numbers do NOT LIE

    710 = OIL
    Keep asking questions, seeking enlightenment, it will free (three) you.

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    United Nations, Occult, Masons
    6+6+6 = ?

    As JasGrave333 notes, "The picture centered above is not a cultic CGI chapel from a computer game, but the Temple of Understanding at the United Nations.

    "Notice the symbol at the bottom of the UN Temple central alter (sic)? "Yes, the crossed symbol of the Square and Compass, the Free Masonry symbol."

    Free Mason symbols are not just at home in Manhattan and Washington, they are maintained in just about every corner of the globe.
    Masonic Lodge 911 is located on Delaware Road in Kenmore.
    Courtesy of Dan Walther, a major in an Army National Guard unit based at the
    Connecticut Street Armory, there's now a Masonic lodge in Iraq.
    "A third-generation Mason, Walther joined Master Builder Masonic Lodge 911 in Kenmore when he was 21, eventually serving as the lodge's master.Now 46, the Town of Tonawanda resident is returning to his base just north of Tikrit after a 15-day leave. (Ryan Haggerty, The Buffalo News, June 21, 2005). "He rejoined the National Guard's Engineer Brigade, 32nd Infantry Division, and will serve as the master of Land, Sea and Air Masonic Lodge 1, the only Masonic Lodge in Iraq.
    "The United States is home to more than 13,000 Masonic lodges, whose members adhere to a motto of "friendship, morality and brother love," according to the Grand Lodge of the State of New York's Web site.Masons are dedicated to doing good, not operating underground, Walther said.
    "Masonry is not a secret society," he said."Masonry is a society with secrets.If we were a secret society, we wouldn't have signs outside our buildings."
    Opening a lodge outside Saddam Hussein's hometown required help from Masons across New York, Walther said.
    Saddam and the Masons have a lot in common: both have a love affair with the occult.
    "The Grand Lodge of the State of New York and all the Masons have been extremely supportive of everything we've done," Walther said."When the word got around, there was a bunch of red tape to cut through, and everybody jumped up and said, "What can I do?"
    New York's Masonic War veterans provided Walther with the supplies he needed at no cost.
    The Masons' tight knit relationships should attract new members from the base, Walther said.
    "Walther's commitment to Masonry is so deep that he kept his return home a secret from everyone, including his family, so that he could surprise his friend Kent Dorney when Dorney was sworn in as master of the Kenmore lodge.Walther arrived home on Memorial Day, but he had to hide from Dorney, who lies a half-mile away, until the ceremony five days later.The surprise was worth the wait," Dorney said.
    Saddam, whose mother was a fortuneteller, merely "reads" the desert sands.
    As untold tourists can tell you, the UN has its own soothsayer, Sri Chimnoy, who "reads" hands upon request.
    But surely among bureaucratic babble centers, the European Union holds the most unique position in the world of the occult.
    Located in the City of Brussels where spelling "Christ" with a capital "C" can get you a fine, the EU has a love affair with the number 666.
    Included in the Report on the opening of the Fifth Elected Parliament of Europe in Strasbourg and its occupancy of the new Parliament Buildings, by Ian R.K. Paisley, M.P., M.E.P., is a description of the vacant seat Number 66 in the European Parliament:" The prophetic significance of the European Union has been revealed as the saga unfolds. (See our first two articles on "The Conspiracy behind the European Union".)First, the sign, which it chose as its symbol, was the Woman riding the Beast.This comes from a prophecy in Revelation 17.The depiction of the harlot woman was reproduced on the centenary stamp of the European Union, in a huge painting in the Parliament's new building in Brussels, and by a huge sculpture outside the new E.U. Council of Ministers Office in Brussels.The new European coinage, the Euro, bears the same insignia.The Tower of Babel has been used on the posters emanating from Europe—a truly suggestive prophetic sign.
    "Now, a massive Crystal Palace tower (unofficially called the Tower Building) houses the Fifth Parliament of Europe.
    "It is certainly a building of the Space Age.The seats of its massive hemicycle are designed like the crew seats in the Star Trek space machines.There are 679 of them—but wait for it!While these seats are allocated to Members, one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied.The number of that seat is 666.The relevant section of the seating-plan provided to each member reads as follows:
    655 Couteaux
    656 Fitzsimons
    657 Hyland
    658 Kuntz
    659 De La Perriere
    660 Marchiani
    661 Montfort
    662 Quiero
    663 Souchet
    664 Thomas-Mauro
    665 Zissener
    666 ----------------
    667 Cappato
    668 Turco
    669 Bonino
    670 Pannella
    671 Dupuis
    672Della Vedova
    673 Dell'Alba
    674Gorostiaga Atxalandabaso
    675 Gobbo
    676 Speroni
    677 Bossi
    678 Formentini
    679 Crowley

    "Revelation 13:18: "Here is wisdom.Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six Hundred threescore and six."That is 666.

    "Today this scripture is being fulfilled before our very eyes.
    "The Antichrist's seat will be occupied.The world awaits his full and final development.The Lord will destroy him by the spirit of His mouth (the Word of God) and by the brightness of his coming (2 Thes. 2:8).The coming of the Lord draweth nigh."

    Saturday, July 30, 2005

    United Nations Temple of understanding

    Blue Lodge U.N.

    The picture centered above is not a cultic CGI chappel from computer game, but the 'Temple of Understanding' at the United Nations.

    The link here, too me to the picture above.

    Notice the symbol at the bottom of the UN Temple central alter?

    Yes the crossed symbol of the Square and Compass the FreeMasonary symbol.

    Which religion does the UN adhere to?

    Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    Introduction; illustrating the points


    On June 10th this year, I came accross an astounding theory - the theory of the start of Armageddon July 10th to Dec 10th 2005 (Dec 10th being the actual Day of Armeggedon.

    The theory of Seven Fives (555 5 555) is here: http:

    However, I've been studying many media events in the past few years, and have like many people put together a correlation between "accidental" events to noticing a pattern of numbers associated with each one.

    In this blog, I will attempt to put forth enough evidence to show that the Ancient and often Occult art of Numerology is used by officials and Goverments to signal, warn or broadcast the intent or non-intent of events.

    Numerology is litterally the Latin equivelant of the 'Study of Numbers'
    - Numer = Number or Numerous
    - Ology = The study of

    ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nm-rl-j, ny-)n.
    The study of the occult meanings of numbers and their supposed influence on human life.
    [Latin numerus, number; see number + -logy.])

    I will highlight TWO Very significant events;

    (NOTE: I am not stating or pointing fingers at any one goverment or any official goverment in this blog I'm establishing communications are established in the use of numbers and dates planned around certain prominent dates)

    1. The recent events at September 11th 2001 'The notorious 9/11 Twin Towers events'
    2. The London Train bombings on July 7th 2005 'AKA 7/7 or 7/7/7 (2005 = 2+5 =7)'

    These two events when examined are Startling (

    ) when viewed against the ancient book, the bible.

    To make another point, before I get too deep into this. The bible is a many purposed and complex book. It's based on a CODEX system (pages) and is arranged in chapter and verse by NUMBERS.

    To illustrate the point, there of course is a book in the Bible called Numbers. If you still are unsure about including the bible into a 'Blog' on Numerology, check this - Deuteronomy is the Fifth Book of the bible (Deut meaning TEN)

    OK with Deuteronomy in mind, look at the FIFTH Chapter and the FIFTH Verse then the FIFTH word. You will see (if you are pestered enough by Jehovah's Witnesses) the Name JEHOVAH, in other bibles the 5&6th words are 'The Lord'.

    To start with I'd like everyone to agree that hypothetically a super being or higher intelligence created or uses numbers and the combinations thereof (Math) to set time and events in motion. Even to order the universe and to communicate. (I totally believe in God, so this might not be a non partial 'Blog' but hey it's my blog, I gotta start somewhere!).

    Significance of Numbers used in Numerology

    Numbers used in every life, stem from the joining of two 1's together to form further significant meanings for events in our calender lives and in history, financial exchanges and the list goes on. We use numbers every day to communicate all kinds of things.

    The numbers 3 and 5 and 7 in the bible are used to great significance. In the Bible the amount of times somthing is emphasised, is an indication to the degree of the message. The numbers 9 and 11 in Chapter and verse for mat i.e. 9:11 and 7:9-11 etc, are sighted in remarkable sections of prophecy. Anyone reading my blog here will find astounding numerical coincidences with the last few weeks alone:

    For instance in Revelation we are told that to 'use our intelligence' and workout that 666 is a mans number. The number six is derived from adding just two 1's. Two humans are Two 1's, the basis of humans without God is the Number two, man woman, and no God (if you would differ on that, blog me back)

    Now the number 1 is without doubt the basis of all numbers, but alone it cannot do much. adding two to it, suddently makes THREE. Three is the basis for Marriage, as it's said in the Bible that when love is included that the marriage will work. Psalms tells us that, God is a God of love, so including God in a Marriage, would make the Marriage of THREE persons, where OK the person in the Middle is an Ethereal Super being, but still he is in the middle of the marriage bonding it together.

    The number three is also said to be the Word of God or Gods Voice. Because the Spirit of Peace and Prince of Peace Intermediates between God and Man he therefore is in the middle. Also known to be the Balance.

    OK Theology study nearly over, the bibles groupings of numbers in Chapters and Verses gives us a huge clue as to the significance of Various numbers. The numbers 7 are very significant in the bible, it specifically shows, perfection and ultimate heavenly fullfillment of events. Revelation 7:1-5 For instance (coincidental to this Bizzare weather year?)

    the Emphasis of a number set to a 3rd Degree is shown to Absolutely emphasise the ultimate ultimate judgment. The grouping of the 6's in the 666 numbering, illustrates, 3 x 2, Three times. To check that 666 is bad, look at Isiah 66:6.

    For FreeMasons to covertly use numerology in their titles and in many of their practices, shows allegance to number patterns and opening the door for this blog to further put togther patterns of Media and world events orchestrated using Numbers to communicate messages.

    Numbers and the Human Body

    The Number 555 in Occult numerology signifies the 'Ultimate death'. It would come as no surprise to find that FIVE resembles an ultimate death taking the Bible Deut 5:5,fifthword into context.

    The number Five is akin to each human on this planet, we each have five fingers, five toes, five senses, five openings on the front of our face, two on each side. Our Torsoes have five appendages (two legs, two arms, one head).

    Five days are recognised by most as Week days, while the Weekend is two days, 5+2=7. Our normal years are broken into 365 days, even our 5 minute time segments in the hour, to 12:59 in the hours and seconds.

    Five is in the core of Every Human being. The comet Temple One, carreens around an orbit between Mars and Earth every 5.5 years. To further make the point, Halleys Comet's orbit is once every 75 years. The list of fives in the planet and our Universe are outstanding.

    Without labouring the point too much, as all reading this can establish the amount of multiples of Five, laying coincidently scattered around our lives.

    Numbers and Goverments

    If you took a trip to the Washington Memorial, you might be non plussed to find out that the hight of that large pinnacle is 555 Feet high.

    And of Course the PENT(Meaning Five) AGON(meaning sided) = Pentagon

    The Goverment of the USA has some glaring numerology, their are several examples, I'll skim the surface on again. The Pentagon is a Five Sided building, FreeMasons use Numerology in many ways.

    It begins in the FreeMason lodge, Where Five Supreme leaders of the Numer 0 Lodge will sit at the head of a meeting, the Supreme overseer of the FreeMasons (the 30th Degree Member, in all lodges but in the Master Supreme (I'm making up the names, if any FreeMason would like to point out the real names, I'd be obliged) lodge, the hihest rank is the 33rd Degree.

    All the presidents of the USA have been 33degree, members of the Masons, EXCEPT, President Lincoln and President Kenedy.

    FreeMasons have the symbol of TWO Crossed Right angles

    Ah but after a little play with MSPaint, you render this:

    Not intended to confuse, but to illustrate the example of six Points, similar to the Israeli flag and the Pentacle of the occult or otherwise known as the Star of Solomon

    To be continued... -